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  • New Jersey Tech Weekly - Infragistics Launches New Version of Indigo Studio
    Infragistics, a design and user experience software company, released a new version of their user interface (UI) prototyping tool, Indigo Studio V2.

  • NJConnect - Infragistics Launches New Version of Indigo Studio
    Infragistics, recently released a new version of their user interface (UI) prototyping tool, Indigo Studio. This prototyping tool now allows designers and developers to explore functional and animated prototypes while maintaining a strong focus on user experience, without requiring any code.

  • Dr. Dobb's - Before UI, Try UI Prototyping
    Infragistics has updated Indigo Studio, its "interaction design tool" that incorporates rapid interactive user interface (UI) wireframing and prototyping functions designed to work with user-centered storyboarding. A respected finalist in the Dr. Dobb's Jolt Awards, Indigo Studio's newest features center in on the needs of mobile developers.

  • I Programmer - Updated Version of Indigo Studio
    Aimed at designers who lack programming skills and developers without design resources, Infragistics' Indigo Studio is an interaction design tool that that incorporates interactive user interface (UI) wireframing and prototyping with user-centered storyboarding to enable designers, developers, and business users to explore functional, animated UI prototypes without any code. 

  • eWeek - Infragistics Updates Indigo Studio UI Prototyping Tool
    Infragistics, a development tools provider, has released a new version of Indigo Studio, an interaction design tool that incorporates rapid, interactive user interface (UI) wireframing and prototyping with user-centered storyboarding.

  • SD Times -Visual Studio 2012 Leaves Room for Third Parties
    While Visual Studio has a reputation for being a highly productive integrated development environment, it does not provide all things to developers. That's where companies like Infragistics come in, with add-ons and other tools to make Visual Studio 2012 that much better.

  • Boxes and Arrows - An Answer to the Pains of Integrating Agile and UX
    In his review of Lean UX: Applying Lean Principles to Improve User Experience, Infragistics' own Ambrose Little dives into the challenges of the UX integration process. 

  • CITE World - Windows 8 has only half the 100 most popular iOS Apps
    Infragistics Senior Product Manager Nick Landry compiled a list of the most popular iOS apps, indicating which are also available on Windows Phone and Android. And what he found might surprise some Microsoft fans - of those 100 apps, 63% are available on Windows Phone while only 54% are available for Windows 8. 

  • Computerworld - Microsoft's app gap: Just 54% of the top-100 apps are on Windows 8
    Nick Landry, a Microsoft MVP and product manager at Infragistics, came up with a "must-have" list based on the top 100 iOS apps, then dove into the Google Play, Windows Store and Windows Phone Store outlets to count how many Android, Windows 8 and Windows Phone versions were available. Read about his findings in this article.

  • DevPro Connections - Best Practices for UX Design in Windows 8 Apps
    Infragistics' Principal Design Technologist Ambrose Little provides some essential tips—"dos and don'ts"—for you to follow as you explore the brave new world of Windows 8 UI and UX design and development.

  • I Programmer - Getting Started with NetAdvantage Ignite UI jQuery Controls
    Ignite UI is a professional set of UI controls fully integrated with jQuery and compatible with jQuery UI.

  • DevPro - Infragistics Talks Best Tips for User Interface Design with Windows 8
    Infragistics has released a new version of its application development suite NetAdvantage Ultimate 2013 Volume 1, which helps developers create apps easily and cost effectively on different devices.

  • Mobile Enterprise Magazine - App for iPad Enables Report Building
    Building on its ReportPlus dashboard and report building app for the iPad, Infragistics has recently released ReportPlus 2.0.

  • eWeek - HTML5: Winning Developer Hearts and Minds -- but with Some Holdouts
    The emergence of HTML5, JavaScript and CSS—core Web development technologies—has taken the industry by storm, with major players moving to make the technologies part of their primary tool chains.

  • Cucumber for .NET - Why Not SpecFlow?
    SpecFlow has full support for Cucumber's Gherkin language, which means that you can havbe feature files which, in turn, can contain scenarios with Gherkin-based steps, backgrounds, tags, comments and so on.

  • Mobile Enterprise Magazine - Accessing SharePoint on the iPad 
    To leverage the investment they made in Sharepoint, Consigli looked for a solution with several components. Infragistics was there with the answer.

  • SD Times - Why HTML5 frameworks?
    Why would a developer with a working knowledge of HTML5 and JavaScript want to use a framework to create Web applications? Jason Beres, Infragistics VP, Product Management comments.

  • MSDN Magazine - Parse JSON Strings in Windows Runtime Components
    Craig Shoemaker, Infragistics' Director of Technical Content and Community, demonstrates how to reliably parse JSON strings passed into WinRT components in order to hydrate strongly typed objects and return a result back up to the UI.

  • CIO Insight - Consigli Construction Deploys SharePlus for iPads
    Using the SharePlus app, Consigli Construction employees can fully utilize SharePoint when working with an iPad in the office or at a remote job site.

  • Dr. Dobb's - When UI And UX Come Together
    Infragistics releases NetAdvantage Ultimate 2013 Volume 1. With UI and UX toolsets in one package, NetAdvantage Ultimate is designed to empower developers to create apps with a new toolset for Windows UI that includes more than 20 XAML and HTML controls.

  • Digital Innovation Gazette - Harnessing WinRT APIs
    Developers are gaining experience with Windows Runtime (WinRT), an API set that provides a framework for Windows 8 and Windows RT applications. Infragistics' Product Manager Brian Lagunas includes WinRT APIs on WPF applications.

  • Visual Studio Magazine - Infragistics Releases New Windows 8 UI/UX Tools Package
    Infragistics has released NetAdvantage Ultimate 2013 Volume 1 (13.1), an updated version of its NetAdvantage developer tools package. The toolset aims to help developers provide quality UXs in their apps, and includes controls that target Windows 8, iOS, Android, Silverlight and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). Also part of the new release is Indigo Studio, which Dean Guida, Infragistics CEO, describes as a "rapid, interactive prototyping tool [that] enables customers to deliver great user experience by getting it right first in the design phase."

  • I Programmer - New XAML and HTML Controls in NetAdvantage Ultimate 2013
    The latest release of Infragistics' subscription-based user interface and user experience toolsets introduces NetAdvantage for Windows UI and includes Indigo Studio.

  • DevPro - UX Manifesto: 7 Principles for Better Software
    By: Ambrose Little
    A few key principles equate to efficient software design and a high ROI.

  • Visual Studio Magazine - iOS Development with Xamarin.iOS and Visual Studio
    Xamarin, which specializes in building tools that let developers build mobile apps in C#, has taken that idea one step further with Xamarin.iOS. Brent Schooley, a .NET developer who works at Infragistics as a technical evangelist, comments.

  • Dr. Dobb's - Jolt Awards 2013: The Best Programmer Libraries
    The best programmer libraries of the past year featuring Infragistics NetAdvantage Ultimate 2012 Volume 2

  • techbubbles - Making Collaboration a Reality, Not a Buzzword
    By: Dean Guida
    Remote working is an increasingly familiar part of business life. Companies are naturally keen to promote a more flexible, mobile way of working, but it’s not always obvious how companies can continue to share information, brainstorm new ideas, or update entire teams when there is no opportunity to ‘catch up over a coffee’ or a regular team meeting to attend.

  • The UX Review - Interview - Ambrose Little on Indigo Studio, a Free Tool for UX Design
    Infragistics products enable awesome digital experiences, and Indigo Studio is a key part of that.

  • techbubbles - The Pros and Cons of Adopting a 'Work Anywhere Approach to Business Computing
    By: Dean Guida
    There is much talk about the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement, but what does it really take to embrace the mobile revolution? Businesses need to weigh up the benefits of increased productivity and job satisfaction versus the resources required to manage a mountain of tablets, not to mention the security risk of employees accessing sensitive corporate information on their own devices.

  • NJ Biz - Executive Moves
    Infragistics, in Cranbury, announced the appointment of Christopher Larsen as Chief Operating Officer. Prior to Infragistics, Larsen held senior leadership roles at Progress Software and TIBCO Software. He also served as President of SAP North America.

  • I Programmer - DevWeek 2013 - One Week To Go
    With just one week to go until the developer conference that will take over the Barbican Centre in London, we try to pick some interesting sessions, like Tobias Komischke's "How to Assess User Experience – “Errr, I don’t know… what do you think?,” which looks at different dimensions of UX and free tools for checking UX quality. In another talk Komischke, Infragistics' UX Practice Director, looks at User Centred Data Visualisation.

  • UX Magazine - Storyboarding in the Software Design Process
    By: Ambrose Little
    Stories are an effective and inexpensive way to capture, relate, and explore experiences in the design process; storyboards are a designer's favorite tool.

  • SPTechWeb - Infragistics Tightens Security in SharePlus 3.8
    The 3.8 release of the software puts a level of security on top of what iOS already provides.

  • WebDesigner - How Will the BYOD Phenomenon Affect the Future of App Design
    The Bring Your Own Device movement is seeing more and more users take, and use, their own devices in the workplace. Dean Guida, CEO of UX experts Infragistics, looks at how this will affect the way designers will build apps in the future.

  • Wireframes Magazine - Indigo Studio 

  • Code Magazine - HTML5 History: Clean URLs for Deep-linking Ajax Applications 
    By: Craig Shoemaker


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