I’m a Microsoft Patterns & Practices Champion

While I was at TechEd in New Orleans a couple of weeks ago, I received a bit of surprising news.  The great people at Microsoft Patterns & Practices have recognized my community contributions with Prism and Prism for Windows Runtime by honoring me as a P&P Champion.  This is not an award that comes with a fancy plaque, or a impressive badge.  This is simply a recognition.  I see it as a gesture to say “Thank You”.  In return, I say “You’re Welcome”.  I am honored to be held in such a regard with the P&P team along side many of my other well respected community leaders and friends.  You can learn more abut Microsoft Patterns & Practices team and champions by visiting the P&P People page.

If you would like me to present at your user group or code camp, please feel free to reach out to me via Twitter (@brianlagunas), or leave a comment below.  I would be happy to come and show you a little something about Prism.


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Ambrose Little
on Thu, Jun 20 2013 8:08 PM

Congrats, home dawg!  That pic cracks me up.

Brian Lagunas
on Fri, Jun 21 2013 1:17 AM

Thanks, but your gold chain pic is so much better than mine.

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