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We have a proud history of over 20 years in the software business, our commitment to customers and focus on quality is a major factor in Infragistics maintaining our market leading position.

Over the years we’ve leveraged our experience in the controls space to help evolve us from a pure software vendor to an experience design company. What does this mean? As a supplement to our engineering excellence we’ve strengthened our design culture to an extent that design now permeates more and more our company, our products, our services and our practices, even our work space.

Design for us is both a verb and a noun. Design as a noun denominates a result (“I like the design of my iPhone”) while design as a verb focuses on the activities – i.e. the process - that have to be carried out to get to a great result. Being an experience design company for us means to orient our work toward shaping the experiences people have when they interact with us and our products.

One of our major initiatives over the last years was to expand our strength in user experience design. Ensuring that our own products are useful, usable and desirable goes hand in hand with providing professional services to our customers to help them develop products that have these three characteristics as well. A human cannot interact with a product without witnessing sensations of some sort – the user experience. It may be a good one, or a bad one, or anything in between. When we talk about user experience design we talk about building products in a way that will produce a great user experience. So during design the future use has to be kept in mind continuously. We do this for example when we prototype a novel feature and test it with users. We want to learn about the future use at a time when we’re still developing. By the way: in the same manner the internal architecture of our new corporate building was developed: the architects carried out workshops with us to understand how we envisioned working in a new environment. Therefore, it’s no coincidence that our “huddle rooms” have writeable walls throughout. This feature is a result of us telling the architects that we dream about using the building itself as a canvas for exploring design ideas.

While we continue to grow design as a verb and a noun into Infragistics, there are areas where this is more noticeable than others. In this bi-monthly newsletter and supporting blog, we’ll showcase what we do, how we do it, and what we try to accomplish. So stay tuned and let us know what you think.

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