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ASP.NET Drop Down

Using this fully featured drop down with intuitive auto-suggest built-in, your users will be able to find the choices they are looking for much more quickly.

High Performance

Scroll-on-demand and paging are just a few of the features that help give the dropdown its unrivaled velocity.

ASP.NET Drop Down Control

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Data Binding

Developers can readily connect it to a data source, and have the dropdown list autogenerate its list items. It can also persist list items entered by the end user.

Autogenerate list items in a dropdown menu by connecting to a data source.

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Auto Complete

Improves user productivity by suggesting list items that match the characters a user has started typing, leading to faster selections.

Aspnet Dropdown Auto Complete Key Features Image

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Single and Multi-Selection

Users can select one or many list items through a variety of conventional means like Ctrl- and Shift-clicking, drag-clicking and using the keyboard.

Aspnet Dropdown Single Multiple Selection Key Features Image

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You have the ability to make every list item as simple or as sophisticated as you want, even incorporating multi-column data in your list items.

Aspnet Dropdown Templating Key Features Image

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