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ASP.NET Schedule

Just add appointments to this plug-and-play, Microsoft® Outlook® 2010-style scheduling solution for the Web, with flexible displays that include day, week and month views , plus non-visual controls that give you a highly-adaptable data provider model.

Outlook-style Scheduling

Create outlook style scheduling for your web application using the components that make up the web schedule. Use Day view, month view, or schedule view with fully integrated add and update appointment dialogs and reminder service and dialog.

ASP.NET Schedule

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Multiple Resources

Display multiple resources with their respective schedules either in a side by side view or a merged view for better managing and scheduling of resources.

Aspnet Schedule Multiple Resources Key Features Image

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Data Binding

Use the existing data to connect to the schedule using the Generic data provider, or build a fully integrated system using the SQLClientDataProvider with pre-defined database schema.

Bind to different data providers.

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Modern Look and Feel

Supports a modern Office look and feel along with a multi-day event banner.

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Schedule UI

Supports common scenarios for a schedule UI like drag and drop appointment in a day view, all day event creation, recurring appointments, appointment icons for reminders, and recurrences are part of the web schedule views.

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