Share and Present Prototypes

Run prototypes from screen states and storyboard boxes to facilitate presenting the prototype to stakeholders. You can share and view your prototypes independently using a player for asynchronous review.

 Present Share 

One-Click Sharing

Share all or part of your Indigo prototype choosing Share on the Project home or context menus, then One Click to share it. You can publish it on our servers and send the link to our reviewers, with no limits on reviewers or number of shares. You can even include a password, which also adds HTTPS encryption. You can also generate the prototype to your computer and then share it using your servers or a sharing service.

 Indigo One Click Sharing 


Use storyboards to tell a story and dive into the prototype at any point. You can live edit and preview or show the changes while presenting.

 Indigo Presenting 

Share Prototypes to Your Servers – NEW!

You now have the option to generate prototypes to a local directory and post them to your own servers in order to keep more control over access.

 Share Prototypes to your Servers 

HTML Prototype Viewer – NEW!

Indigo Studio is compatible with any desktop or mobile device that supports HTML5. Now, you can run your prototypes on any device that supports HTML5 in addition to sharing, viewing, and evaluating Indigo Studio prototypes on any device.

 HTML5 View