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Download Indigo Studio

Prototype and Visualize User-Centered Interactions

Quickly add custom interactions to screens to simulate application experiences in your prototypes. You can easily and effectively express interactive design concepts – no code needed - while still supporting a near full range of application behaviors.

Add Interactions to Anything

Interactions are native to Indigo, so you can add them to anything. You don't have to create some special kind of dynamic panel or control - just select what you want to make interactive and click ADD INTERACTION.


Indigo Prototype Add Interactions

User-Focused Interaction Design

Design interactions from the user perspective. Select what the user does, and then specify what happens to the prototype as a result.

Indigo Prototype Add User Centric Interactions Key Features Image


Quickly try out interactions and tweak them by running a screen preview.

Indigo Prototype Quickly Try Interactions Key Features Image

Screen Interactions Explorer™

Visualize the screen interactions and states using the Screen Interactions Explorer. You can use it to understand and navigate the different possible interaction flows for users.

Indigo Prototype Visualize Screen Interactions Key Features Image

Mini Interactions Explorer

Navigate quickly between screen interactions using the Back and Forward toolbar buttons and the Mini Interactions Explorer.

Indigo Prototype Visualize Screen Interactions Mini Key Features Image


Highlight Interactions

Highlight interactions defined on a screen and quickly navigate through your prototype while designing it.

Indigo Prototype Highlight Interactions Key Features Image

Export to Storyboard

Export all or some selected screens to show a particular user path. Indigo Studio creates a storyboard based on those screens, so you can better communicate with stakeholders and developers.

Indigo Storyboard Export Interactions Key Features Image

Story-based Prototyping

Story-based prototyping lets you specify a single path for users to follow, so that interactions turn on when you want the user to choose them.

Indigo Prototype Story Based Interactions Key Features Image

App-like Interactions

Convert your story-based interactions into more app-like interactions by rearranging them within a screen and changing when they become available to users.

Indigo Prototype Rearrange Screen Interactions Key Features Image

Visualize Project Level Flow

Visualize project level flow to see connections and links between screens.

Indigo Prototype Visualize Project Navigation Key Features Image