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Download Indigo Studio

Share and Present Prototypes

Run prototypes from screen states and storyboard boxes to facilitate presenting the prototype to stakeholders. You can share and view your prototypes independently using a player for asynchronous review.

Indigo Present Prototypes From Storyboard Key Features Image

One-Click Sharing

Use the “SHARE PROTOTYPE” option from the project home to publish on and generate a link (URL). Send this link to your reviewers, with no limits on reviewers or number of shares. You can even include a password, which adds HTTPS encryption.

Share Prototype

Share Offline to your Desktop

Don’t want to share on Infragistics servers? No problem. Use the “SHARE ON DESKTOP” option to publish locally on your computer and create an offline version of your prototype. You can then host it on your servers or a sharing service of your choice (e.g., Dropbox).

Share On Desktop

HTML Prototype Viewer

With Indigo Studio you can create prototypes for desktop, web and mobile. With the HTML prototype viewer, you can run the prototypes on any desktop or mobile device that supports HTML5. No plugins required! A web browser is all you need.

Customize Viewing Options

Take control of what your reviewers will see before you share. For instance, you can control whether you want the highlights around interactive elements on or off. These options can also be changed after sharing using the prototype viewer toolbar.

Share Dialog

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