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UX Prototyping

Build responsive, code-free prototypes of your application
and get it right from the start with Indigo Studio

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Design User-Flows, Not Wireframes

If a picture is worth a thousand words, an interactive prototype is worth a thousand pictures! But it's not just about interactivity; a prototype helps you validate the "right" experience flow, quick and code-free.

From Idea to Experience to Application, Fast

    • Design For Touch
    • Screenparts
    • Responsive

Download Indigo Studio


  • Infragistics
  • Develop across all browsers, devices, and platforms with the complete developer toolkit – now including our rapid prototyping tool, Indigo Studio.

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Licensing Information

The version you have, including the updates that we release during the year of your active license, is for yours to keep forever! And to continue receiving new features and updates, including product support for an additional year, you can also renew your license at 50% off the list price.

Free Academic Licenses Available

At Infragistics, we believe fresh ideas come from fresh minds. That’s why we’re offering Indigo Studio free of charge to eligible applicants for 12 months – no strings attached! Learn more here.

Indigo Studio Support

Visit our Support Page to make the most of Indigo Studio. Stay updated with announcements, get answers from the community, share your suggestions for new features, and submit a support request directly to us.