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Utilize the power of JavaScript/HTML5

The complete HTML & JavaScript toolkit to build modern browser experiences on any device – desktop, tablet or phone. Designed for the enterprise, you’ll create high-performance, touch-first, responsive apps with AngularJS directives, Bootstrap support and Microsoft MVC server-side widgets. See what’s new in Ignite UI 16.1!

Lightweight and Fast

for the Modern Web

Built for your high-performance browser, hybrid and mobile apps, Ignite UI delivers best-in-class performance for your high-demand data needs. Our virtualized, load-on-demand data grids can handle any data scenario, and our data visualization UI widgets can take on anything from real-time data feeds to millions of rows of data.

Build Modern Apps with

Your Favorite Frameworks

Ignite UI plays nice with all of your favorite app frameworks, databinding libraries and IDE’s. With full support for AngularJS, KnockoutJS, Microsoft MVC, Boostrap, Ionic, Onsen and more, the choice is yours to build your next great app.

With Angular 2 Beta rolling out, we are committed to ensure that Ignite UI delivers Angular 2 support inherently. All Ignite UI controls have component definitions with Angular 2 Beta and are hosted on GitHub.

Build mobile first, responsive web applications with Bootstrap and Ignite UI that work on every device. Bootstrap 4 has moved from LESS to SASS and so have all of our new Ignite UI themes which you can customize to your needs.  Our LESS-based Bootstrap themes will also fit your requirements for superb web designs.

Use our AngularJS directives to declaratively build your next JavaScript & HTML based MVC app. Our directives housed on github give you full two-way databinding and clean Angular integration.

Our KnockoutJS support delivers dependency tracking, templating and automatic UI refresh using Knockout’s easy mapping of DOM elements to your data model.

Ignite UI offers ASP.NET MVC wrappers for every jQuery widget. Run components on the server side while keeping the same interactivity you get from HTML5 and enjoy a seamless experience on all browsers.

Data Grids

We don’t lock you in to a single data display – Ignite UI includes a grid for flat data display, hierarchical master-detail, hierarchical tree-lists and even support for multi-dimensional OLAP data.

  • Built on top of the flat data grid, the HTML5 hierarchical grid delivers on master-detail displays with no compromises. Bind the hierarchical grid to a variety of data sources including JSON, XML, .NET collections, and even .NET DataSets. Use load-on-demand to deliver any amount of data to client. Included are interactions that you need for your enterprise apps – data editing, sorting, filtering, column resizing, column summaries, paging, and more.

  • The HTML5 TreeGrid presents hierarchical data by combining the principles of a tree and tabular data into a single control – with rollup summaries, sorting, filtering, grouping, paging, column-fixing & hiding, and more. The Tree Grid presents hierarchical data similar to the Ignite UI HTML5 hierarchical grid control - -but the tree grid displays data all in the same columns. Perfect for financial applications like balance sheets, or any data scenario that requires roll-up columns or hierarchical data displayed in fixed columns. The Tree Grid supports line of business features like data editing, sorting, filtering, paging, column fixing, column hiding, multi-column headers and more.

  • The HTML5 pivot grid is designed for the most demanding data displays, including complex analysis on the rendered data. Use this grid for multi-dimensional OLAP data sources, or even allow complex interactions on flat data on the client. Use MDX, XMLA or even data sources like JSON or XML to provide a rich, interactive analysis including support for KPI’s.

  • Ignite UI includes the fastest HTML5 JavaScript grid on the market. Bind to a variety of data sources including JSON, XML, HTML tables, .NET collections, and even .NET DataTables. The HTML5 grid works with popular open source libraries including AngularJS, KnockoutJS, History.js, JsRender, and Bootstrap. It includes the features you expect – including data editing, sorting, filtering, grouping, column pinning, column resizing, column summaries, data templates, paging, load-on-demand, and a lot more.

Beautiful Data Visualizations

With over 75 HTML5 charts, gauges, financial charts, statistical and technical indicators, trend lines and more, deliver the most demanding and beautiful touch-friendly dashboards for desktop and mobile apps.

Optimized for real-time, high-volume data scenarios, the HTML5 chart delivers what your customers expect. Included are common chart types like Bar, Line, Area, Scatter, Pie, Gauges and specialized charts like Polar, Radial, Bullet Graph and more.

A Perfect Match

Don’t waste valuable resources by writing and rewriting code. With our rapid prototyping tool, Indigo Studio, let your users and stakeholders experience your Web, desktop, or mobile application idea and find the right design – all without writing a single line of code.

Design website prototypes using a Bootstrap-inspired layout grid. Use preset responsive breakpoints to create prototypes that adapt based on the viewport of your phone, tablet or desktop. Extract HTML code assets to serve as a starting point for a real app using the Ignite Page Designer.

We Love TypeScript

Productivity is a challenge when you need to be an expert in various JavaScript libraries that you are expected to be an expert in. That’s where our Ignite UI TypeScript definitions come in.

With TypeSript, we augment our JavaScript libraries with strong typing, class-based inheritance and many other features that make JavaScript development a lot less error prone and more maintainable, especially for large projects.

Get the Ignite UI TypeScript definitions to enable static checking, symbol-based navigation, statement completion, and code refactoring in your favorite tool – even Visual Studio Code!

9 Reasons to Choose IgniteUI

Ignite your applications with next generation, browser- based, touch-first tablet, mobile and desktop experiences. Deliver more than a product to your customers - deliver value.

Inspiration is Everywhere

Don’t start from scratch when you don’t have to. We’ve created best practices showcase samples, starter kits and rich samples to drive your productivity. Get started by downloading the template to your next great app!

Get Started Now

Getting started with Ignite UI is simple! You’ll have your first app built in minutes when you take full advantage of all the great development resources we have to offer.

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