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Silverlight Slider

With the xamSlider™ family of controls you can give your users an enjoyable editing experience that relegates traditional edit boxes to the dust bin. From simple single-thumb sliders to range sliders, and from numbers to dates to Generic types, you get it all.

Range Sliders

xamSlider lets you have multiple thumbs so you can set high and low values of a range, such as for filtering data. 

Silverlight Slider Control  

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xamSlider has generic base classes that can be trivially extended for your own data types.> 

The Silverlight slider is customizable to allow users to extend their data values.  

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Interaction Modes

xamSlider thumbs can exhibit free, locked, or push behaviors when they encounter other thumbs on the track.

When multiple thumbs exist on a track, they can interact with each other utilizing the Silverlight slider interaction mode feature.

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Template Track & Thumbs

xamSlider has full template support for both the styling of its track and sliding thumbs.

Style the Silverlight slider to meet your needs.  

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Customizable Look and Feel

xamSlider can appear horizontally, vertically, with and without tickmarks and labels. 

Customize the look and feel of your Silverlight slider by orienting it horizontally or vertically.  

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