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Silverlight Map

Create expressive business intelligence solutions with stunning Silverlight maps that tap your business’ geographic and geospatial data with rich functionality and styling.

Map Anything and Everything

Use the Shapefile format to render any geometric shape, including geographic maps, seating charts and floor plans.

Silverlight Map

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Geo-Imagery Support

Enable users to deep zoom into satellite, aerial, remote sensing, street map, or other kinds of tiled imagery from external geospatial imagery services, including Bing® Maps, © OpenStreetMap, and CloudMade.

Users can zoom into imagery as provided by Bing® Maps or © OpenStreetMap.

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Customizable Layout

Design the layout of legends, the navigation pane and all other aspects of map layers and map elements to fit the application you are building.

Customize all map layers and elements to fit into your Silverlight application.

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SQL Server Geospatial Data

Use the native SQL Server 2008 GEOMETRY and GEOGRAPHY types by loading shape data directly from your database as well as merge additional SQL fields into map shapes through data binding, and merge SQL Server geospatial shapes into a single map control together using layers.

Associate your own data sources (e.g., MS SQL Server 2008) with map elements.

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Color Model

Comprehensive color model and choropleth shading enable you to fulfill many common mapping scenarios such as mapping US states and counties, color-coding regions by rainfall amount or any other business data and scaling colors to the data value range.

Color-code the map elements based on their Value property.

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Interactive Panning & Zooming

Pan & zoom the map by dragging the navigation pane rectangle, or by "drag panning" with the mouse, or by using the arrow keys.

Users can pan or zoom into the map by dragging the navigation element or by using the page up/down keyboard keys.

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