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Silverlight Org Chart

Make sense of organizations visually with high performance, stylable Silverlight org charts that represent company, department, workgroup or other hierarchical structures.

Make Sense of Organizations Visually

Create high performance, stylable organization charts that represent company, department, workgroup or other hierarchical structures.

Silverlight Org Chart  

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Data Binding to Large Hierarchies

Designed to perform well when data binding to over 5,000 entities, so you know it can handle displaying your organization chart with high performance. 

Data bind large hierarchical structures upwards of 5,000 nodes.  

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Expand and Collapse Children

Show only the relevant child nodes by collapsing the others. 

Hide nodes that are not relevant by collapsing them.  

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Multiple Layouts

Customize the arrangement of children so that they can appear staggered or orthogonal. 

Customize the layout of the child branches of the hierarchy.  

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Search Support

Allow end users to highlight the connections between two employees in an organization. 

Highlight connections between 2 employees in the hierarchy.  

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Line Cap and Line Styling

Customize the line size, thickness, and effects as well as the line start and end caps.

Customize the line styling within the hierarchy of the chart.  

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Custom Expansion Indicator

Customize the expansion indicators for the hierarchy levels.

Customize the appearance of the expansion indicators.  

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Maximum Depth

Change the levels of the hierarchy to be displayed in the organizational chart by dragging the slider for the MaxDepth property.

Change the levels of the hierarchy displayed by using the slider to adjust the view.  

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