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Silverlight Timeline

Empower users to quickly understand and visualize sequences of events in Silverlight which could be the steps in a narrative for a business process or workflow, important project milestones, key frames in a video, a transaction history on an account, or any similar timeline.

Date-based and Numeric Timelines

Display chronological and sequential data in ways that allow your end user to dynamically select timelines and compare them.

Display a sequential timeline ordered by the Time property of each event.  

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Multiple Data Scenarios

Each timeline is a time series of data points which quickly convey historical events, steps in the narrative of a business process or workflow, project milestones, key frames in a video, or any other occurrences. 

Display multiple data series, so you can have more than one timeline displayed at once.  

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Fully Templatable

Customize the appearance of the timeline and the details about the events your users have selected with your own XAML templates or through design tools such as Microsoft® Expression® Blend™. 

Control the appearance of your timeline by customizing event entries.  

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Event Titles

Describe events on your Silverlight timelines with custom templatable content in event titles which allow you to control their appearance, arrangement (permit or prevent overlapping) and connecting line style. 

Event titles describe different data points in your timeline.  

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Pan and Zoom

Seamless integration with the xamZoombar™ enables users to scroll what can often be lengthy timelines, and zoom in deeply.

Easilly pan and zoom large timelines.  

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Timeline Comparison

By displaying multiple data series, your users can compare two processes or chronologies or transaction histories side-by-side and quickly identify differences or similarities between them. 

Users can compare two processes, chronologies or transaction histories side-by-side.  

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