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Infragistics Motion Framework Conveys Business Intelligence with a Great User Experience

Delivering a great user experience in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Microsoft Silverlight business intelligence applications requires more than styling, it requires giving your application's end users greater insight into the story of their data. Infragistics Motion Framework™ allows you to do this over time, creating an immersive and animated user experience that tells the story of your data. No other telling of your data can give end users quite this same experience—the power of Infragistics Motion Framework is in telling the story of data over time like never before!

Infragistics Motion Framework tells the story of your data in a much more active way that end users can experience first-hand. We've created the World Stats showcase application to let you delve into an immersive and animated user experience that tells the story of global population growth, per-capita wealth, improvements in infant mortality, and other key statistics. End users can move step-by-step through time to see the relationship between data points change with each transition, which you can fully customize.

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Click here to experience our online Motion Framework World Stats samples.Click here to take a closer look at the Motion Framework World Stats application.  

Click here to experience our online Motion Framework World Stats samples. 


Total Simplicity

From the perspective of your end users, Infragistics Motion Framework automatically choreographs movements based on how you've decided to visualize their data. Anything that moves or changes, moves or changes smoothly, whether it's walking a marker across the screen or having a line bounce off of the page.

Infragistics Motion Framework makes it easy to tell the story of your data whether you are a page designer or an application developer.

  • Page designers will revel at how easily transitions are configured on data series in XAML by setting their TransitionEasingFunction to any standard or custom easing function, and their TransitionDuration to whatever length of time makes sense for the pace you want to establish.
  • Application developers can set the easing function and duration from code at any time, and with the straightforward way of binding to data through the series' ItemsSource property, or for those using RIA, CollectionView or other ObservableCollection classes where you can count on the PropertyChanged and CollectionChanged events being respected.

There's no need for you to write custom animation for your data series, and you don't need to expose complex drilldowns that users would find hard-to-use. Motion Framework really is about total simplicity.

How Do I Get the Infragistics Motion Framework

Infragistics Motion Framework is an inherent part of our XAML data charting controls which are included in our NetAdvantage® for Silverlight, NetAdvantage for WPF products, and both the NetAdvantage for .NET and NetAdvantage Ultimate bundles (for both WPF and Silverlight). You don't have to modify your code at all to use Infragistics Motion Framework, there's no special set-up. You don't need to write any complicated interpolation code for the data transitions as you might if you wanted to roll your own robust and consistent framework for creating immersive and animated user experiences, and you don't need to worry about special edge cases. Just turn on Infragistics Motion Framework and it's there for you.

These showcases require you have Silverlight, WPF, and one of our products installed that includes our Silverlight Data Chart or WPF Data Chart (listed above).