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Data Chart

Does your UWP app need to process thousands of rows of complex data with speed and agility? Our Data Chart control is packed with the tools you need to create engaging experiences.

UWP Datachart Main


All Screens, Superior Charting

Easily build complete mobile analytical solutions, with Candlestick and OHLC bar charts and many built-in technical indicators like Wilder's RSI, MACD, a Money Flow Index, Bollinger Bands, Moving Averages, and more.

UWP Datachart Candlestick


Modular Design

Build charts that incorporate multiple chart layers, multiple chart areas, and multiple axes.

UWP Datachart Modulardesign


High Performance Rendering

The UWP Data Chart is built to take on even your most complex data. Real-time feeds are easily processed when you design your chart to update itself frequently.


Highly Customizable

Enhance and customize your charts with popular features including Axis titles, labels, gridlines, markers, tooltips, and legends.


Panning and Zooming

With touch gestures like drag, pinch, and double tap, users can easily explore their data.

UWP Datachart Panning Zooming


Annotation Layers

These interactive features of the data chart appear when a user performs a tap and/or drag gesture and are laid on top of chart series to display or highlight information about data in the form of crosshairs, tooltips, or highlighted columns and markers.

UWP Annotationlayers