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Windows Forms Editors

Completely control data entry and display in grids, tree views, scheduling controls or standalone data entry forms with this comprehensive set of editors which fit every imaginable data entry scenario.

Editors includes the following controls: Calculator Drop Down, Check Editor, Color Picker, Combo Editor, Control Container Editor, Currency Editor, Date Time Editor, Font Name Editor, Formatted Text Editor, Masked Edit, Numeric Editor, Option Set, Text Editor, Time Span Editor, Time Zone Editor, and Track Bar.

Touch Experience

Build more modern applications for tablets and other touch-enabled devices with the touch-supported Editor controls. Touch metrics support allows you to resize the control, making elements larger for better interactivity.

Touch Experience 

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Color Picker

Presents a palette from which users can select a color

Dropdown color picker presents system colors, customized palettes and more. 


Combo Editor

The Combo Box Editor with multi-column dropdown grid is dynamically resizable. In addition to touch metric functionality, the dropdown in the Combo Editor also features touch-enabled vertical scrolling via panning gesture support.

Use the Windows Forms combo editor as a standalone control or inside of controls to provide dropdown functionality. Combo Editor 


Date Time Editor

Editor for DateTime values

Control minimum and maximum allowed dates, and let the user quickly cycle through dates by clicking a "spin" button.

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Formatted Text Editor

Editor with rich formatting and linking capabilities.

Provide text input in your grid controls, treeview controls, and scheduling controls.

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