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Windows Forms Calc Manager

Add the power of over 100 Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet formulas, formula designer dialogs and your own custom functions to Windows Forms controls like our data grid, editors, standard DataGridViews, and textboxes.

Built-in Formulas

With over 100 built-in Excel formulas, the WinCalcManager can help take some of the calculation burden off of your logic with its built-in calculation engine.

WinForms Calc Manager
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Formula Builder

Formula builder in the designer easily allows you to drag and drop the source elements for the formula and the target for you to quickly setup your pages.

formula builder

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Complex Calculations

Create complex calculations using the editors, labels and grids in your Windows Forms application and the Calc Manager's asynchronous calculation mechanism to keep the formula settings intact.

Add the calc manager complex calculations feature to your editors and grids. 

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