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Download Windows Forms controls as part of the ULTIMATE Developer toolkit 

WinForms Gauge Controls

Power your data visualization needs with Windows Forms gauge controls that can play a crucial role on dashboards, business scorecards, and reports. Create round radial, graduated linear, LED-style digital or hybrid gauges that combine one or more styles, scales and needles.

Popular Styles

Gauges can be displayed as one of 3 popular styles: Radial, Linear, or Digital.

WinForms Gauge Control

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Multiple Scales and Ranges can be combined into a single gauge.

Combine multiple scales and ranges into a single gauge for simultaneous displays.  Choose from many design options to make your gauges look realistic. 

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Advanced Graphics

Use Anti-Aliasing, Alpha-Blending, Solid or our custom Paint Elements to design the most photorealistic gauges.

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Rapid Design

Use the new design-time wizard to quickly design your gauge, or choose from one of the included professionally designed, custom-shaped gauges.

Rapid Design