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Navigation Bar

Combine the compactness of a menu with the conciseness of a string of breadcrumbs that are easy for users to remember, and you have a Windows Vista®-style address bar that’s a step ahead on the evolutionary ladder.

Navigation Path

Mimic the Windows 7 explorer navigation bar with the entire sequence of steps that make up the user's current location that is clearly visible on a single line.

View breadcrumb-style navigation to show exactly where the user is.

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Location Images

Associate an image with each location.

Each location can be associated with its own location image shown at the leftmost edge of the WinNavigationBar.

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Drop Down Selection

Randomly access child locations using the implicit drop down button beside each location.

Access sub-locations by clicking the dropdown button next to each location.

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Return to Previous Locations

At the rightmost edge of the WinNavigationBar is a drop down history of previously visited locations. 

Click the dropdown button on the navigation bar to see the history of visited locations, much the same way Windows Explorer works. 

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Action Buttons

Much like a toolbar control, you can add functional buttons to the WinNavigationBar.

Provide users with more options by adding functional buttons to the navigation bar.

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Editable Mode

Display switches into an editable navigation path, allowing the user to quickly reach a location by typing in its path.

Type a path directly into the navigation bar rather than navigating to the desired location. 

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