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Desktop Alert

Stand out and be noticed with pop-up “toaster” messages that have been popularized in many instant messaging and social media applications.

Popular Styles and Behaviors Built-In

Setting the Style property lets you instantly obtain the default appearance and behavior of desktop alert windows for Windows Live Messenger or Outlook styles.

Use popular styles and behaviors as used in Windows Live or Outlook

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Animation As You Like It

The desktop alert window can slide into view from any of eight different directions, and with complete control over its opacity you can have it slowly materialize and then fade away. 

Slide your desktop alert window into view from any of 8 directions. 

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Formattable Text and Hyperlinks

We reuse the FormattedTextUIElement from the PLF™ which allows for richly formatted text that can serve as a hyperlink.

Add hyperlinked text to your desktop alert message.

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Alert Buttons

Add alert buttons to a tool bar within the desktop alert window that can be associated with application-specific functions.

Add one or more buttons to appear on bottom edge of the desktop alert window. 

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Play .WAV Sound Files

Associate any .WAV sound clip with the desktop alert window that will play when the alert appears.

Play a .WAV sound file when a desktop alert window appears.