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Download Windows Phone Controls as part of the ULTIMATE Developer toolkit 

Windows Phone Calendar (CTP)

The Calendar control for Windows Phone provides enhanced functionality to that of the month view in the built-in Windows Phone Calendar application. It is designed to display Days, Months, and Years.


Navigate by tapping the arrows in the header area or using drag gestures to move to the next/previous month; or by tapping over the header title which displays month/year looping selectors that allow the user to choose a different month and/or year.

Windows Phone Calendar



Select by tapping over a day cell. This functionality is available when the SelectionMode="SingleDate" is set (by default). You can disallow selection of cells by setting to SelectionMode="None".



Customize specific date cells, such as adding weather icons, moon phase images, even types, and more, with the CalendarDayButtonTemplateSelector.


Display Agenda Content

Use the AgendaSource property of the control, which accepts IAgenda data with StartDate, EndDate, and Content of the agenda.


Restrict the Display Date

Use the DisplayDateStart and DisplayDateEnd properties to restrict the display.


Deny Selection of Specific Dates

Add dates to the BlackoutDates collection of the calendar.