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WPF Diagramming 

The new xamDiagram control allows you to create your very own Visio-inspired diagramming solution within your WPF applications. Now you can easily build flow charts, process diagrams, and other advanced layouts that mimic the familiar Visio interface. You’ll also be able to manually create shapes and connections in code and XAML, or use your toolbox to drag our predefined or custom shapes onto your design surface.


Wpf Diagramming Shapes Connections


Multiple Shapes and Styles

Whether you choose one of the more than 16 predefined shapes such as Circle, Square, Rhombus, or Triangle - or you create your own custom shapes - your diagram design is limited only by your imagination.

Wpf Diagramming Customize Shapes 520X315


Easy Connections

Making connections between shapes is as easy as dragging your mouse. And so is editing the properties of those connections, too! Simply click a connection point of a shape and then, while holding down the mouse button, drag a connection to another shape. Then choose from 28 different start and end cap types and 7 different line styles to make your diagram entirely your own.


Wpf Diagramming


Designed for Interactions, Programmed for Developers

Users can navigate diagrams with their mouse wheel thanks to support for zooming and panning. And since we built this control with MVVM and data binding as our top priority, you'll find it easy to perform actions like Copy, Paste, Cut, Delete, Edit, Undo, Redo, and SelectAll.

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