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WPF Formula Editor

Provide a full-fledged formula editing experience for the end user with the xamFormulaEditor and its intuitive FormulaEditorDialog, which offers assistance and updates dynamically while he or she types.


Formula Editor Dialog

Use the FormulaEditorDialog as a stand-alone control. When the Edit Formula buttons are pressed, a FormulaEditorDialog is displayed to the user.

WPF Formula Editor  


xam Formula Editor

The xamFormulaEditor control serves as editor for formulas managed by the xamCalculationManager. It offers autocompletion and context help features that facilitate formula editing for users. It also provides a FormulaEditorDialog where users can search operands and formulas.



Formula Editor Dialog Template

The FormulaEditorDialog can be customized by applying a template to change its visual appearance.

FormulaEditorDialog Template