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WPF Inputs

 In order to give a better cross-platform experience, we’ve introduced this new set of Input controls that can be used the same way in both WPF and Silverlight applications, giving you a complete XAML cross-platform experience with key controls.


DateTime Input

Localizable time and date formats can be specified for the user with real-time input masking in the right format and with convenient spin buttons.

 WPF Inputs Editor


Currency Input

Configured especially for dealing with monetary values, CurrencyInput provides real-time input validation to a currency format.

 WPF Currency Input Key Features Image


Numeric Input

Simply the entry and editing of numeric data to any number of decimal places, and confined to any range with programmable upper and lower bounds that reduce erroneous user input. With its spin buttons, end-users can serially increment or decrement the input’s value by an arbitrary amount.

WPF Numeric Input Masks Key Features Image  


Masked Input

When your WPF application calls for formatted or text data with more stringent constraints, the MaskedInput gets the job done. Its input mask support helps end-users fill-in the editor's value, intuitively matching the format your application requires.

WPF Masked Input Key Features Image  


Embeddable Inputs

All Inputs easily integrate into other Infragistics for WPF controls like the Grid control so that your users can enjoy sophisticated editing features wherever they edit data.

Integrate the WPF editors into your NetAdvantage for WPF applications and take advantage of the many features available for data entry/editing.  



All Editors allow you to declare value constraints and specify different behaviors for invalid values.

Users can dictate contraints on data entry and indicate specific actions for validation errors when received.