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WPF Data Carousel

Add carousel motion and a sense of perspective to your data using the xamDataCarousel™.


.NET Databound Carousel

Supports visualizing data records over a carousel path. The records can be hierarchical in nature allowing drilldown to child records.

View data records in a carousel-type fashion with the WPF .NET databound carousel view.


Navigation Model

Supports navigating record by record or skipping to the beginning or end of items in a given data series.

Use the navigation feature to scroll through each record or jump to a specific point in the list.  


Carousel Breadcrumb

Supports an easy way to drill down into master-detail related records.

The WPF data carousel breadcrumb logic provides users the ability to drilldown deeper into records.  


Ease of Editing Data

Supports editing data with advanced editors accurately portraying dates, currencies, and more.

Edit data easily within the WPF data carousel. 


Complete Stylability

Supports built-in themes for quickly changing styles or through support of triggers and Visual State Manager for ultimate control.

Quickly change the styles of your information. 



Group columns to show associated records together. 

Group columns to show associated records together.