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WPF Zoombar

A virtual magnifying glass for WPF application users, xamZoombar embeds itself into charts and timelines so that the user can zoom in, zoom out and pan their view of the data from side to side.


Intuitive Scrolling & Zooming

Dynamically change scale and scroll through ranges of data - from regions on a chart to intervals along a timeline.

Scroll or zoom a timeline by dragging the respective scrollbars left to right.  


Multiple Orientations

Display vertically or horizontally, and in WPF controls like the xamDataChart™, it integrates directly into the scrollbars.

Display the Zoombar vertically or horizontally in WPF controls like the WebChart.  


Panning & Zooming

Users can adjust the display scale by dragging the edges of the thumbpad to either make the current display cover a larger range (zoom out) or a smaller range (zoom in). 

Pan or zoom a timeline by dragging the scrollbar left to right or up and down.