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WPF Carousel Panel

Anything you put into this panel will layout and navigate like they were on a revolving carousel along a prescribed path, creating uniquely interactive presentations with polished effects that include reflection and transparency.


Carousel Behavior

Supports a linear sequence of any UIElement that follows a designated path or continuous circuit.

The WPF carousel panel provides continuous movement of objects.  


Navigation Model

Supports navigating individual objects or skipping to the beginning or end of all objects in a given data series. 

Navigate to specific records using the WPF carousel panel navigation feature.  


iTunes-like Effects

Supports visual effects that modify transparency, scale, and skew of objects as they move into and out of focus allowing the creation of experiences similar to Apple's CoverFlow. 

Use the iTunes-like effects on your WPF carousel panel to provide the effect of moving items into and out of focus.


Item Reflections

Optionally paints a partial reflection of an object beneath it to give the display area the feel of a glossy or reflective surface.

Use the WPF carousel panel reflections feature to provide a reflective effect to your display areas.