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WPF Data Cards

Interactively make rich information glanceable in a compact card view like the Contacts folder in Microsoft® Outlook® 2007, integrating data records with a compellingly animated, grid bag layout.


.NET Databound Card Control

Supports viewing data records in a Outlook Contact Card type view. Provides a rich editing experience, sorting, and filtering capabilities. 

View your data cards in a similar fashion to what you experience in Microsoft Outlooks contact card views.


Animated Cards

Fluid animations are provided during scrolling, filtering, collapsing operations providing a more modern user experience.

Use the WPF animation feature within data card displays to provide fluid animations within your data.  


Enhanced Filtering

Supports as you type record filtering based on a multitude of filter conditions including contains, greater/less than, and even regular expression. 

The WPF data card enhanced filtering feature provides users a means to scale down the display of their information.


Complete Stylability

Supports built-in themes for quickly changing styles or through support of triggers and Visual State Manager for ultimate control. 

Quickly change the style or theme of your WPF data card.