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WPF Controls

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From the fastest data grids to dynamic data visualization, find the time-saving controls you need with our lightning-fast, touch-friendly WPF controls. Bring modern, engaging apps for desktop and touch-screen devices to market while shortening development time. See What's New for WPF in Ultimate 16.2!

    • Take advantage of touch today. Infragistics WPF controls enable you to stay on trend and build touch-supported applications without having to add a single line of new code to your apps.

    • Office-inspired Spreadsheets

      By embedding Excel document creation and editing experiences directly into your WPF applications, you'll create products your users will love, complete with familiar UIs and a full list of pixel-perfect Office-like features.

    • Office-Inspired UI

      Looking for a template to kick start your desktop development? Check out our WPF showcase sample applications in everything from sales to finance tracking - with source code! - to get you coding fast.

    • Wpf Speed And Scale

      When you have massive amounts of data that requires lightning-fast processing, only the industry’s top-performing controls will do. That’s where our WPF Data Grid comes in.

    • Wpf Blazing Fast Business

      We’ve significantly enhanced the speed and performance of our Data Chart! You’ll notice a big improvement when you need this chart to display millions of data points and update itself every few milliseconds to handle your real-time feeds.

Develop the Ultimate Experience for your Enterprise

Infragistics has the UX expertise, prototyping tools, and UI controls to help you make strategic decisions about your technology landscape. You’ll create memorable user experiences by default when you work with our team of consultants to integrate UX into your development process. And when you standardize your development on our UI controls and prototyping tool, Indigo Studio, you’ll get to see your whole app before building it with the best of breed desktop, Web, and mobile toolsets you’ll find in Infragistics Ultimate. Discover how we can help your Enterprise today.


Don’t waste valuable coding time on revisions. See your application without writing a single line of code with INDIGO STUDIO, our rapid prototyping tool.

WPF Test Automation

Experience fully automated testing of your WPF applications.
Give your quality assurance teams the power to automate their user interface testing to produce higher-quality releases with greater confidence.
Learn all about the latest release of Test Automation for WPF in our What's New Blog.


Automated testing of your WPF applications with HP is at your fingertips. Infragistics Test Automation is designed to work specifically with HP Unified Functional Testing Software, enabling your quality assurance teams to produce releases with greater efficacy and higher quality by automating their user interface testing.

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Download WPF controls as part of Infragistics ULTIMATE


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