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WPF Month Calendar

Provide an easy way for end users of your WPF application to navigate between dates, months, years and decades—this is the calendar control for all timescales with sophisticated stylability, single- and multiple date selection, and more.


Calendar Control

Single Control for viewing dates on a month by month basis. 

WPF Month Calendar


Single/Multiple Date Selection

Supports the selection of single dates as well as contiguous or non-contiguous multiple dates. 

Use the WPF month calendar date selector to choose single or multiple dates in a calendar view.  


Windows 7 Style Calendar

Allows the calendar to animate and 'zoom in and out' visualizing dates ranging from a single day to decades.

The Windows 7 style month calendar allows users to experience animation in viewing single or multiple dates.


Fully Stylable Calendar Elements

A modular composition of calendar elements in XAML enables you to design the calendar's presentation with fine-grained customizability.

Customize the presentation of calendar information using the WPF fully stylable calendar elements feature.