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Xamarin.Forms Bullet Graph

Create attractive data presentations, replacing meters and gauges that are used on dashboards with simple yet straightforward and clear graphs. The Bullet Graph is one of the most effective and efficient ways to present progress towards goals, good/better/best ranges, or compare multiple measurements in as little horizontal or vertical space as possible.


Animate every element of the graph by changing properties or by setting multiple properties at the same time to morph between different styling options of the graph.

Performance Bar

Customize appearance of performance bar to show and highlight how a well a measurement compares to target or expected value.

Bullet Performance

Add multiple ranges to indicate important thresholds or milestones and make it easier for users to read your graphs.

Bullet Ranges

Adjust scales parameters to enhance readability of your graph by increasing or decreasing number of labels or tick marks in the graph area.

Bullet Scales

Depending on your screen size and available space in your application or design needs, you can easily switch between horizontal and vertical orientation with the Bullet Graph control.

Bullet Orientation