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Easily transform your data into actionable insights with a native business intelligence application that empowers informed decision-making through eye-popping DIY analytical dashboards.

*Some features available only for ReportPlus Enterprise. For a full feature listing, click here.

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Built with the Enterprise in Mind

ReportPlus enables data discovery & data visualization while ensuring you have the latest information to make real-time, informed decisions. And the Enterprise version includes a full array of features that benefit enterprise users, including advanced data protection, In-House Deployment, and extensibility options. You also get enhanced connectivity options, so that you’re able to add new connections like Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce.

Customization & Branding Options for Your Enterprise or Commercial Application

ReportPlus enables support for customization of the experience to show off your corporate brand, as well as changing the functionality of the application to suit your specific requirements. Enterprises frequently need to adjust the app functionality based on their security rules. These rules can be applied to ReportPlus and may include restrictions over the general functionality or specific app features.

ReportPlus Features

Security & MAM/MDM Support

On the enterprise level, distribution, security, and management of mobile applications is critical. As such, ReportPlus provides advanced integration with most major mobile device managers (MDM’s), including MobileIron. MDM servers and ReportPlus work together on app deployment, authentication/authorization, data leakage policies and data protection. ReportPlus has built in security for data protection, client side certificates, Forms-based authentication, and more.

Do-It-Yourself Dashboards with ReportPlus SDK

Thanks to ReportPlus’ Javascript API, you can create your own DIY dashboards using standard HTML, CSS and Javascript. Any HTML page can interface with the ReportPlus application and have access to the data retrieved from any of the supported data sources, and can even signal events back to the application for full interactivity.

Coming Soon: ReportPlus for Android

For viewers who are not using iOS devices, ReportPlus will soon be available on Android devices just like SharePlus, enabling you to have a native dashboard viewing experience.

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