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Product Help & Downloads

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Platform-specific Help


The Infragistics Ultimate package includes all of our products. The main package installer provides all the dev controls you'll need, then download our iOS and Android controls to complete your toolkit. NOTE: icons are not available for trial, but are included in the purchase of Ultimate.

Platform Installer

Includes: Android, ASP.NET, Ignite UI, Indigo Studio, ReportPlus Desktop, UWP (CTP), Windows Forms, WPF, and Xamarin.Forms.

Use the Online Installer for fastest download and to selectively download only the products you want to install.
Use the Offline Installer to download the complete product bundle up front for installing later if you might not be online or on a restricted network.

Individual Downloads/Products

UX Prototyping (Indigo Studio)
Android (Non-Win Online) 
jQuery/HTML5 (Non-Win Online)

Archived Downloads