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A worldwide leader in user experience, Infragistics helps developers build amazing applications. More than a million developers trust Infragistics for enterprise-ready user interface toolsets that deliver high-performance applications for Web, Desktop and Mobile. The company also provides design tools for rapid, interactive prototyping. Fortune 500 companies increasingly rely on Infragistics apps, including SharePlus, the universal mobile interface for SharePoint, and ReportPlus, the first self-service dashboard and reporting app, to enhance productivity of business users on the go. Along with leading-edge software, Infragistics offers expert user experience services and award-winning support.

For additional information on Infragistics, products and career opportunities, please call us in the U.S. at +1(800)231-8588; in Europe, the Middle East, or Africa (EMEA) at +44(0) 800 298 9055; in Japan/APAC at +81 (3) 6892 8034.

  • "We enlisted Infragistics to help us overcome some design and implementation challenges during our web-based helpdesk solution 'HelpBox' ASP.NET redevelopment. With Infragistics receptiveness, responsiveness and expertise, we were able to complete the Menu in just three weeks. […] we know that our customers will appreciate the simplicity and intuitiveness of the new Menu."

    Glenn Powell, Director of Australasia Operations, Layton Technology
  • "Infragistics […] helped to accelerate our UI design process in record time. The range of features included with Infragistics controls mean that our developers spend less time fussing with the UI and more time focused on business logic."

    Paul Ballard, Director of Software as a Service, British Telecom
  • "We've been using Infragistics NetAdvantage for .NET product suites since the company's inception and find that the visually-stunning aspects of Infragistics User Interface component toolsets, coupled with exceptional support and online resources, help us to retain long-term clients and win new business.”

    Mark Turkel, President and Senior Software Architect, Palm Beach Software Design
  • “We needed a mobile collaboration solution that could deliver the latest company and product information. The team at Infragistics (formerly SouthLabs) demonstrated how quickly and easily SharePoint documents could be retrieved and edited on mobile devices using SharePlus, even offline."

    Christian Bihari, Solution Architect Collaboration & PM touchpoint Mobile, Roche
  • "Regardless of time, Apptical would not have been able to develop an application this elegant and easy to use without the Infragistics elements and their appearance objects. Infragistics' elements exposed what seemed to be an endless array of options to improve our user interface both on the Web and in Windows. Anytime we ran into a need when developing the user interface, there was always a property, event, or method to satisfy that need."

    Paul J. Klimek, Director of Business Development, Apptical Corp
  • "We selected Infragistics NetAdvantage [now Infragistics Ultimate] as the basis for our client controls as we needed to rapidly implement a sophisticated UI while allowing our developers to concentrate on other areas of the architecture […]. We found it easy to implement and extremely flexible. Infragistics continues to be a valuable and flexible partner to Epicor.

    Tony Wilby, Senior Development Director, Epicor
  • "NetAdvantage [now Infragistics Ultimate] is a good product that has helped me out tremendously. I would not have been able to achieve what I have without Infragistics NetAdvantage. Our application is huge with a great deal of different facets to it. Using AppStylist allowed me to create just one look and feel … That made our general appearance consistent without a lot of time spent on designing and editing.

    Dan Reber, Lead Product Architect, Precision.BI
  • "With NetAdvantage [now Infragistics Ultimate], we deliver a new version in the morning, receive new requests in the afternoon, and can implement them before we leave for the day."

    Brad McCabe, Senior Applications Development Specialist, Verizon
  • “We've standardized on NetAdvantage [now Infragistics Ultimate] because it provides coverage for GUI components across multiple platforms which allows us to concentrate on making the application itself better while ensuring consistency, styling and usability in the interface."

    Terje Rugland, CTO and VP of Development, ProfitBase