XamDataGrid Sudoku

John Doe / Saturday, July 25, 2009

As a side project of mine, I started working on a Sudoku game. While trying to make this game different than the others that I found in the Internet, I decided to give it a little bit of 3D look.

For the 3D effects, I used the ContentPresenter3D control from the Thriple library. This is a really great and powerful dll for 3d support, which you can find it here (thanks to Josh Smith and Dr. WPF, hope not forgetting someone else). I did a little modification to the ContentPresenter3D - added a Rotating event, fired when the ContentPresenter is flipping to make it simplify the game logic.

Because I was not able to find a good enough algorithm for generating the givens (the initial numbers on the sudoku board), the game currently gets the givens from XML files (3 boards for each difficulty level). Unfortunately, they are generated by an algorithm I am not allowed to post.

Known Issues:

1. Memory leak can occur because of the ContentPresenter3D (in XP mainly). More infromation on the Thripple page.

2. The glass window effect is not supported on XP, just Vista for now.


You can find the game file in the attachments. Enjoy :)