• How Visual Studio 2010 toolbox works

    How Visual Studio 2010 toolbox loads its items

    Many of us may probably say that the toolbox is one of Microsoft Visual Studio’s weak points. Maybe the answer is yes, but the way it works seems the only option for the great extensibility Visual Studio toolbox provides. However, it is good to know what happens behind the scenes.
    In order to optimize the toolbox loading time Visual Studio relies on a caching…
    • Wed, May 2 2012
  • Toolbox doubled items issue caused by SL5 Tools and RIA 1.0 SP2

    The Issue

    After installing Silverlight 5 Tools for Visual Studio 2010 or just the RIA Services 1.0 SP2, Visual Studio 2010 starts to add duplicates of third-party controls to the toolbox after each restart/reset of the toolbox. After some time what we have is a huge list of controls in each tab and the toolbox is loading very slowly. The issue has been described in Microsoft Connect as well:


    • Wed, May 2 2012
  • Toolbox issue in vol. 2011.2

    We've found that the NetAdvantage Windows Phone vol. 2011.2 product has a known toolbox issue that affects all our products when installed side by side.

    If you experience any issue after installing 2011.2 you can uninstall all NA 2011.2 products then run Visual Studio 2010, open a designer, load the toolbox and close VS2010. Then install NA 2011.2 and run the .bat in the attached .zip before running Visual Studio…

    • Mon, Nov 28 2011