DevWeek 2015

Tobias Komischke / Friday, April 3, 2015

I ran out of time to blog about this before the event, but hey, I went to DevWeek 2015 in London, UK last week. It's the largest developer conference in the UK and I gave two presentations - one about the width of UX and the other more focused on visual design best practices and principles.

Compared to the last years, the number of UX presentations has increased and those sessions have been well filled. This shows to me that the interest of developers for that topic is growing. As the expectations towards the UX of products increase throughout the markets but at the same time there are not enough UX professionals available, developers are required to take care of usability and visual design more than before. But then, I didn't get the impression they would hate to do so, the folks in the UX related sessions were very interested and curious to learn more about UX.

In that vein, I'll be back in London in May to give a talk at Software Design & Development and in Nuremberg, Germany, in June for a talk at Developer Week.

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