Find the Help You're Looking For

Ambrose Little / Friday, November 3, 2006

One of the features of the new web site is the "control help center."  To get an idea of what this is, take a look at the WebGrid Help Center.  If you're looking for help for a specific control, its help center is a great place to start as it links to the developer's guide for the control, the most closely-related forum, and KB articles.  We've also got links from there to request developer support and to submit feature suggestions.  Also, believe it or not, you might find the answer you're looking for by checking out the demos, samples browser, gallery, and features list, which are all right there as well (on the left nav).  Even many of the overviews have introductory videos on what the control(s) can do.

If that's not quite getting you where you need to go, you can go to to get a better understanding of all the ways that you can get help with Infragistics products.  We've got a knowledge base, online docs, control help centers, source code, forums/newsgroups, blogs, online chat, telephone, and rapid response email via our online form.

And as the Get Help page says, we're always working to improve the help we offer, so if you have ideas, specific suggestions for demos or KB articles, or whatever, please let us know.  We're listening.