Fireworks and XAML - Brought Together by Infragistics

Ambrose Little / Friday, December 1, 2006

Grant Hinkson, visual design guru at Infragistics, recently published an article about creating his Fireworks to XAML exporter tool on  The article introduces the tool by illuminating the process for extending Fireworks and offering best practices for such endeavors.  For anyone yearning to know more about extending Fireworks, it is a good read.

You can download the exporter itself from the article, but you can also get it from and learn more about it there.  For more on Infragistics and the art of visual design, check out our Visual Design space on  Graphics artists and visual designers can also learn how Infragistics can make their lives better by glancing over our Designer perspective page and digging into AppStylist.

It's also worth noting that the awesome design on the new IG web site is a fruit of this same design team's efforts, so kudos to Hope, Grant, and Ken for their outstanding effort.  I think they did a great job, and the site serves as an exemplar of quality design work.