SharePlus 3.8: What’s New

Anand Raja / Saturday, February 16, 2013

SharePlus 3.8 Released

SharePlus has been following a “themed” release pattern.  This release methodology groups releases based on feature type.  The 3.8 version is themed “Security” and contains new features that provide the Enterprise with enhanced data protection.

3.8 Features

Application Encryption


In addition to  the iOS Data Protection mechanism, SharePlus now provides a customizable application level of encryption.  This includes items such as Keychain entries.  Other application-related changes include the removal of credentials from iTunes/iCloud backup.  These new settings include more restrictive Data Protection flags and are fully configurable.

Common Access Cards

SharePlus now supports reading the application lock passcode from CAC cards.


Future releases will read client-side certs and doc signatures from CAC cards.

Kiosk Mode


The Kiosk mode allows Enterprises to share a single device amongst multiple users.  User may now “log” in and out of the application.  Upon log out, cached data and credentials will be cleared.

Enterprise Support for Client-side Certificates


Added support for Enterprise deployment/consumption of certificate includes:

  • Reading certificates from Airwatch MDM and the “OpenIn” mechanism
  • Shared KeyChain locations


Enhanced Android Version

The Android version of SharePlus has been overhauled to include the following features:

  • Offline edit
  • Enterprise search
  • Favorites
  • Streamlined user-experience for file editing
  • Office Web Apps integration
  • Client-side certificate integration
  • Encrypted file storage