• LOB Apps with Silverlight 4, Visual Studio 2010 and Infragistics

    For anyone who couldn't make it out to Las Vegas to see Andrew's presentation at DevConnections and those of you who would like a second look, here is his slide deck on "Line of Business Applications with Silverlight 4, Visual Studio 2010 & Infragistics."

    PowerPoint presentation at DevConnections on Line of Business Applications with Silverlight 4, Visual Studio 2010 and Infragistics by Andrew Flick.
    LOB-SL4-VS2010.pptx (2.4 MB)


    • Thu, Apr 29 2010
  • NetAdvantage for .NET 2010 Volume 1 RTM

    NetAdvantage for .NET 2010 Volume 1

    NetAdvantage for .NET 2010 Volume 1 launches today with a complete line of business toolkit for Windows Forms, ASP.NET, WPF, and Silverlight.  This is the first of three releases this year for our flagship products.

    We've been extremely aggressive in our release schedule to ensure overwhelming value across all platforms.

    Windows Forms

    We've spent a lot of time investing in our Windows…

    • Mon, Mar 22 2010
  • Windows Mobile 7 Series Silverlight Application

    Before Mix, I made a few bets.  I've been running around showing everyone that I could an application titled IGFinance.  It's a mobile application that hooks up to Yahoo Finance and displaces stock information running on the brand new Windows Mobile 7.  Best of all, it was written using our upcoming Silverlight XamDataChart.  

    My bets mostly paid off, we got the app up in running in no time at all (besides having…

    • Wed, Mar 17 2010
  • Silverlight Mobile Map

    Check this out, a quick sample showing the Infragistics Map control working in the emulator.  I’m guessing my bet is gonna be a win!!  Woot!!
    • Mon, Mar 15 2010
  • Windows Mobile 7 Series Bet

    Las Vegas.  It's all about gambling right?  Making bets and seeing if they pay off.  As part of the product management team at Infragistics, we make bets daily and plan on betting at Mix, but not on slots, poker, or black jack.  We're betting on Microsoft's Silverlight strategy.  Three screens and a cloud, right? 

    We've had one of our teams build out a full user-interface in Silverlight that consumes a web-service…

    • Mon, Mar 15 2010
  • Smart Phone Acquisition

    As promised, months of research and deliberation into the next device has concluded with a purchase.  The launch of the Samsung Omnia 2 with a faster processor, 8 GB of internal memory!, and a new Swype way of entering text had me excited. 

    It came down to a tight competition of the Motorola Droid and the Samsung Omnia (HTC Imagio was in the mix, but quickly crossed off).  Here's what it came down to for me...…

    • Thu, Dec 3 2009
  • Windows Forms -- ISL Exchange

    Calling All Designers or Developers who can match color choices together; there is a new forum that you can post your fantastic ISL creations and share them with the world. 

    It's located here: https://www.infragistics.com/community/forums/f/ultimate-ui-for-windows-forms/tags/Application%2bStyling


    • Mon, Nov 9 2009
  • iDon't Know

    So, Verizon has partnered with Google and is launching a new series of smart phones branded as "Droid."  The whole campaign is around things that the iPhone doesn't do.  After reviewing some of the supporting hardware, like a really awesome GPS hookup and Multimedia station; I can't help, but wonder if that is the way I should go. 

    After reviewing the Windows Mobile competition, I can't help but feel…

    • Mon, Nov 2 2009
  • Changing Job Roles...

    I'm preparing to fly out again and get more customer feedback in the great (windy) city of Chicago (and my home state).  However, before I go, I wanted to update everyone on my new role at Infragistics.  I've recently been promoted to be the "Product Unit Manager" for NetAdvantage LOB.  My team will oversee Windows Forms (+ TestAdvantage), ASP.NET, WPF, and Silverlight LOB.  I've got a lot of ideas on how…

    • Sun, Nov 1 2009
  • Windows Mobile 6.5

    Today is the day.  I've been pretty excited about the hype of all the new devices coming with WinMo 6.5 and shipping today, October 6th.  After looking over at the Verizon Wireless website and seeing my current options, including the new HTC Imagio and all of it's TouchFlo3D glory, I almost impulsively purchased it. 

    Then on to the reviews...  Apparently, Windows Mobile 6.5 does give some nice today screen enhancements…

    • Tue, Oct 6 2009
  • Windows Forms 2010.1

    One release out the door, the next one started.  We finished up our sprint planning yesterday for the initial sprint and this next release is shaping up to be another big one.  Dare I say that we added 'contains' support to the AutoComplete feature of WinComboEditor/WinCombo.  I do...b/c the feature is already done.  Ok...so that didn't get you excited?  Well, this next release is going to have a few new controls…

    • Tue, Sep 29 2009
  • Window Mobile 6.5

    As if you couldn't tell by all of my posts on Mobile, I can't wait to get a new gadget.  The iPhone...makes me sick with envy, but that little bit of Microsoft loyalty prevents me from going there (although, I'll never admit it.)  I currently own a VX6800 from Verizon and it is the equivalent of a small brick.  I have been following closely what's going on with WinMo (and secretly hoping to get a Microsoft person…

    • Wed, Sep 23 2009
  • Boston Embedded Systems Conference

    I am currently in Boston at the ESC conference and it's a whole new world to experience.  If you're there, stop by the Windows Embedded booth and visit.  The keynote presentation was unlike anything I've seen before, it included a part on new headphones that are fashon designed by Miss Lady Gaga, solor panel IPhone chargers, and some pretty big announcements from Microsoft. 

    The announcement that was of the…

    • Wed, Sep 23 2009
  • Microsoft MyPhone (Success)

    My phone recently crashed and I'm happy to report that the post I made a few weeks ago turned out to be a huge success.  Exchange saved the day with all of my contacts, calendar items, and tasks...but MyPhone saved everything else.  If you're a Windows Mobile customer; I definitely recommend checking it out!

    • Mon, Sep 21 2009
  • New Article on WinTilePanel Performance Posted

    Are you using he new Windows Forms WinTilePanel?  This article offers an indepth guide to how the control paints and a few things that you can do to boost the performance of the control if you see limitations imposed by the Windows Forms Platforms drawing logic. 

    The article can be found here.

    • Mon, Sep 21 2009
  • Windows Forms 2009.2 :: Unedited

    A Video Speaks more than words…but just to throw out a few...New Layout metaphor and a Timeline come to Windows Forms.


    • Thu, Aug 27 2009
  • Farewell to a Friend and Office-mate

    As noted, Friday was the last day for a fellow colleague and office-mate.  Tony Lombardo and I have had a great time working together at Infragistics.  We were both two people lucky enough to be chosen to lead the product strategy at Infragistics as the first Product Managers.  We traveled the globe and validated strategies and had many a good times together.

    We’ve shared an office for about 4.5 years and we’ve been a sounding…

    • Sun, Aug 16 2009
  • Disabling Wheel-Scrolling in the UltraCombo

    This is pretty simple.  Just set handled = true on HandledMouseEventArgs:

    // prevents the scrolling through of the items when the UltraCombo is closed.
    UltraCombo combo = sender as UltraCombo;
    if (combo != null &&
        ((HandledMouseEventArgs)e).Handled = true;




    // prevents the scrolling of the underlying drop-down grid
    UltraCombo combo…
    • Mon, Jun 22 2009
  • Texas Round-Up

    I’m looking forward to meeting up with a bunch of customers in Texas this week.  Here’s my schedule:

    • Monday – Tuesday: Dallas
    • Tuesday – Wednesday: Austin
    • Wednesday – Monday: Houston

    If anyone is around feel free to send me a message and if I have time perhaps we can get together for an informal what’s going on in NetAdvantage session.

    • Mon, Jun 22 2009
  • Microsoft My Phone (beta)

    Thought this was pretty cool, Microsoft My Phone is a service that will sync the info on your mobile phone and the web.  The service is currently free and gives you 200 MB of space.  iPhone users beware…no love for you; you need to be running WinMo 6+.  Anyway, check it out here

    • Tue, May 19 2009
  • NetDrives :: Free Utility to Map Network Shares/Drives

    One of our customers Philipp Sumi of Switzerland and a self-confessed code addict has just released a free utility, titled NetDrives, built on WPF and utilizing the xamRibbon to manage network shares and mapped network drives.  Some the features include:

    • Simple configuration of network shares and user logins.
    • Supports both UNC connections and mapped network drives.
    • Quick access and monitoring of shares…
    • Wed, May 13 2009
  • Windows Mobile :: Marketplace

    Microsoft just recently launched it’s new Marketplace for Mobile.  It’s defined as the way to help developers “develop, test, certify, and distribute” their WinMo applications via Windows Marketplace for Mobile.  In addition they also launched an update to their Facebook app.  All really cool stuff, check it out!

    • Wed, May 13 2009
  • Copying Data from the XamDataGrid to the Clipboard

    I recently had a customer ask if it was possible to select a range of cells and copy them to Excel.  So, I decided it was time to jump out of feature planning and the backlog list to write another quick article on how to do it.  Check it out here.

    • Fri, Apr 10 2009
  • Validation in the XamDataGrid

    I’ve had a couple of people ask for a way to highlight a cell red in the XamDataGrid if there was some sort of validation error.  Now short of us implementing support for IDataErrorInfo (which is definitely on our roadmap); the way you currently do validation is through a class that is off of all of the Editors titled ValueConstraints.  ValueConstraints lets you set a condition on a column. Check out the article; it can…

    • Mon, Apr 6 2009
  • XamDataPresenter – Commenting on the Terminology

    We just finished our sprint planning session for WPF.  This accounted for going over the product backlog list and playing poker (a way of getting a feel for the rough sizing of features in both Dev and QE) for the first sprint of the 9.2 timeframe.  Interestingly enough a common thread came up as we were talking about features in the XamDataPresenter and I figured I’d share…

    In the XamDataPresenter (and by…

    • Wed, Apr 1 2009