iDon't Know

[Infragistics] Andrew Flick / Monday, November 2, 2009

So, Verizon has partnered with Google and is launching a new series of smart phones branded as "Droid."  The whole campaign is around things that the iPhone doesn't do.  After reviewing some of the supporting hardware, like a really awesome GPS hookup and Multimedia station; I can't help, but wonder if that is the way I should go. 

After reviewing the Windows Mobile competition, I can't help but feel like a Chicago Cub's fan.  I really want them to succeed and am almost blindly loyal.  I watch what they're doing year over year.  Then, out of nowhere someone else pops up with a stellar offering that looks pretty phenominal and it's game over. 

That being said, the phone of my dreams for WinMo is coming to the USA!  However, it's apparently coming to T-Mobile.  That doesn't help me at all and thus, I'm back in the waiting game.  I will buy a new phone by December b/c I'm hoping that WinMo 7 makes it by next year.  The question still becomes which device and which platform...  And if it's not a WinMo platform will it convert me in a way that I don't go back to WinMo?