NetAdvantage 2006 Volume 1 Released!

[Infragistics] Andrew Flick / Thursday, February 16, 2006
It is my pleasure to announce the release of NetAdvantage 2006 Volume 1.  Everyone has been working hard to produce a high-quality feature rich release.  Each group at Infragistics has a lot of value added and a lot of great things to talk about.  To start the Chart Team has increased the number of charts offered by adding the Box Chart and the Probability Chart.  However, the thing that really impresses me is the release of a new 3D rendering engine.  This engine makes the 3D charts look simply amazing and the lighting and texture effects really make the chart visually stunning.  

Tony Lombardo and the ASP.NET team have been really busy this last release.  They have done a number of improvements to the webtree and the webgrid to improve performance and offer additional AJAX capabilities.  However, I've got to hand it to the web guys, last release they shipped a full WebSchedule suite and this release they continued to add some great new controls.  I feel bad getting to be the first blogger to announce this, but Tony will be sure to talk more in depth.  The web team is shipping an HTML Editor and a spellchecker that plugs into that editor.  Now, Infragistics handles all your web-based content editing needs!

My Windows Forms guys have not been idle this release.  WinGrid now has full Cut-Copy-Paste support.  That's not all, cut-copy-paste also supports undo/redo operations.  All of you guys that wanted to copy data from Excel and paste it into the WinGrid can do that now.  You can also do the opposite by cutting rows out of WinGrid and pasting them into Excel.  I'm also happy to announce two new controls on the Windows Forms side.  We've released a formattedLinkLabel control along with a ListView control.  The linklabel control gives the capabilities of using some xml tags (based off of html) to format the text in a link (e.g. <b>, <a href="">, etc.) and that means you can have multiple links or fonts or font-styles in the same label.  The listview control is the first iteration of a AWESOME control.  Not only can it function like a listbox/checked listbox, but with details view, icons view, and thumbnail view, you have the capability of really building out a windows explorer type view in your application!

Lastly, my next post will dive into this in a little bit more depth, but the WinForms team is proud to announce a great partnership with the Patterns and Practices team to bring support of NetAdvantage for the Composite UI Application Block.  So, check back later for more information on the NetAdvantage CAB Extensibility Kit.

For more detailed information and a list of more features shipped in 2006.1 check out our features page.  ENJOY!!!