NetAdvantage Tools in Office?

[Infragistics] Andrew Flick / Monday, December 4, 2006
Microsoft Office is one of the most popular productivity tools for the office environment.  Its user-experience defines metaphors that become their own entity of UX design (i.e. the ribbon, the outlook bar, etc.).   Furthermore, component vendors such as Infragistics invest considerable amounts of time enabling developers to easily recreate these user-experiences.

A certain paradigm may come into play where you don’t need to develop an entire application, but feel the need to add functionality to a Microsoft Office product.  Microsoft provides the capability to create add-ins for the Office products and NetAdvantage plays very nicely in this space.  With our full host of Office styling your add-ins can seamlessly integrate into any Office environment. 

Basically, to create an Office Add-In you need to download the Visual Studio Tools for Office.  Then it’s  virtually as simple as  creating a user-control.  There is an excellent article on how to do this on msdn.

I ran through the basics just to get a feel for how this might work.  It’s really easy to do and the end-result is a perfect blend into the Office Experience.

NetAdvantage in Office