NetDrives :: Free Utility to Map Network Shares/Drives

[Infragistics] Andrew Flick / Wednesday, May 13, 2009

One of our customers Philipp Sumi of Switzerland and a self-confessed code addict has just released a free utility, titled NetDrives, built on WPF and utilizing the xamRibbon to manage network shares and mapped network drives.  Some the features include:

  • Simple configuration of network shares and user logins.
  • Supports both UNC connections and mapped network drives.
  • Quick access and monitoring of shares through system tray (optional).
  • Optionally reconnects to selected shares on startup.
  • Optionally starts with Windows and runs in background (system tray).
  • Secure password storage (based on Windows Data Protection API).


Best of all, he’s included the source code for your enjoyment. 



It’s always awesome to see what customer’s build with our controls.  If you’ve got an app that you want to show off, send it my way and we’ll let the world see.