XamDataPresenter – Commenting on the Terminology

[Infragistics] Andrew Flick / Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We just finished our sprint planning session for WPF.  This accounted for going over the product backlog list and playing poker (a way of getting a feel for the rough sizing of features in both Dev and QE) for the first sprint of the 9.2 timeframe.  Interestingly enough a common thread came up as we were talking about features in the XamDataPresenter and I figured I’d share…

In the XamDataPresenter (and by it’s pluggable nature), the XamDataGrid/XamDataCarousel we don’t have Rows and Columns.  For instance, we aren’t releasing Fixed/Frozen Columns in the 9.1 release, but Fixed Fields.  Since, I am the PM for both Windows Forms and WPF, I sometimes tend to name off the Windows Forms feature name instead of WPF.  So to let anyone know who’s an existing customer moving to WPF:

  • Rows == Records
  • Columns == Fields

Once you understand that and it’s framed that way; things fall into place.  If you’re wondering why the name change, it was partly to avoid confusion with the WPF Grid element which uses a Row/Column naming scheme and with a side benefit for forward thinking UI controls like the Carousel which doesn’t have Rows or Columns, but shares a lot of other common functionality.