Hello world!

Atanas Dyulgerov / Monday, December 21, 2009

Dear reader,

Welcome to my blog! I am Atanas Dyulgerov, an Application Developer in Product Guidance with the Infragistics Bulgaria Team. I wanted to start a blog a long time ago, but never really found the time to actually do it. Now that has changed however and it is done - my first blog is launched :)

Here I'm going to talk mainly about stuff related to my work for Infragistics in the Silverlight Line of Business and a little bit in Data Visualization. I am going to share experience on how to use our controls in the easiest and most efficient way, I'll write about tips and tricks and I will give information on issues that you might not be able to tackle by just reading the documentation. Apart from all this I will try to include topics of interest related to the current happenings in the Silverlight world.

The first topics that I will post will probably be about some of the new features in the 9.2 release of the Silverlight Line of Business. Those include new controls such as the XamWebSlider, Drag and Drop Framework, XamWebContextMenu, etc. I'll try to post new stuff fairly frequently so keep tuned.

This is all for now. I'm really excited for starting this blog and hope you guys out there will enjoy reading it. Have a great day!