Infragistics Windows 8 and Windows Phone Products Retired

Brian Lagunas / Wednesday, July 29, 2015

When Microsoft first released the Windows 8 and Windows Phone platforms, Infragistics was there with an initial investment of controls to help determine if there was a community interest and platform adoption from our customers.  We had to answer the question, “Is there a market for these platforms, and do our customers care about it?”.  Needless to say, the answer to those questions were pretty clear.  It’s no secret that the Windows 8 and Windows Phone platforms have had their fair share of struggles in gaining any type of traction.  With the announcement of Windows 10 and the new Universal Windows Platform (UWP), Microsoft has provided a new unified direction for developing applications across a broad spectrum of devices.  Given this new direction of Microsoft’s development platform, we must adapt and shift our strategies to align our offerings to meet our customers emerging needs.

Effective immediately, we are officially changing the status of the following products to Retired:

  • Infragistics Windows 8 (Windows UI) Controls
  • Infragistics Windows Phone Controls

Impact of Retiring a Product

When we retire a product or control, we maintain our existing support policy:

  • Bug fixes / service releases for 12 months after the retirement announcement
  • 3 years of developer support on the product

The difference compared to a shipping control:

  • No new features
  • No potentially risky bug fixes
  • Controls / Product are removed from the installer & website immediately

This results in:

  • The final service release for these retired products / controls will be April 2016
  • Support will expire for these retired products / controls in April 2018

Moving Forward with UWP

Infragistics is committed to providing you the products you need to stay competitive in this ever changing software market.  While we are retiring the older Windows 8 and Windows Phone products, we are going all-in on the new Universal Windows Platform.  We have already started creating a brand new product, built from the ground up, that will allow you to write a single application on the new UWP that can be deployed to a number of different devices.  These controls will automatically adapt to the device they are being run on to give your end-users the best native experiences available without sacrificing quality or performance.  Write once, deploy everywhere!

If you have any questions regarding this decision, please feel free to email me at