• Getting Started Using NucliOS IGCalendarView with Xamarin.iOS

    The 13.2 release of NucliOS introduced some new controls for iOS developers. In this post I’m going to focus on the IGCalendarView widget which combines the similar look and feel of the iOS7 calendar with the power and flexibility of Infragistics. This 3 in 1 calendar allows you to navigate between year, month, and day views as well as connect to the events stored on the device. I’ll show you how to use the IGCalendarView…

    • Wed, Jan 15 2014
  • Getting Started using NucliOS IGGridView with Xamarin.iOS

    Following up on the theme of getting these Xamarin posts cleaned up, I need to address the IGGridView post as well. Hopefully this will be a better help than that post! If you are a Xamarin.iOS developer that wants to add some flair to the data presentation in your app, we have you covered with the Xamarin.iOS bindings for NucliOS. This post focuses on using the IGGridView control to add a basic data grid to your application…

    • Wed, Dec 11 2013
  • Getting Started using NucliOS IGChartView with Xamarin.iOS

    Once upon a time, I wrote a post called “Getting Started using NucliOS with Xamarin.iOS Part 1: IGChartView”. It was a decent post and many people have told me they found it helpful. Unfortunately, I hosted all of the images for the post on a server that no longer exists and now the post is littered with broken images and a project download link that no longer works. That’s not very helpful so hopefully this…

    • Wed, Dec 11 2013
  • NSHipster - iOS Resource of the Day

    Just about every platform and programming language has way more features than any one person can explore. That’s a real shame because a lot of these overlooked features are really cool. Thankfully for Objective-C and Cocoa/UIKit we have today’s wonderful iOS resource, NSHipster.


    NSHipster - A journal of the overlooked bits in Obj-C and Cocoa

    NSHipster is the brainchild of Mattt Thompson (yes, that’s Mattt…

    • Mon, Nov 25 2013
  • objc.io - iOS Resource of the Day

    In the past, I have posted a lot of resources in a series for HTML5 developers. I hope these have been as helpful for others as they have been for me. That series got me thinking about doing a series for other developers as well, and I think I’ve finally decided on iOS as the focus. There are a lot of great resources out there for iOS, but I’m not convinced that everyone who is doing iOS development is aware of them.…

    • Fri, Nov 22 2013
  • Ember.js From the Ground Up Series

    This is where I’ll be collecting my posts for my Ember.js tutorial series. Follow along and learn Ember.js from the ground up!




    If you want to comment or reach out to me, the best place to do…

    • Tue, Nov 19 2013
  • Ember.js Basics - Project Structure

    One of the things that tripped me up when I first started using Ember.js was a lack of guidance in project structure. The early guides and samples placed all of the JavaScript into a few files and all of the templates were contained in script blocks inside of a single HTML file. To me, this seemed like a bit of a mess and it was very uncomfortable. Thankfully, as Ember has matured so have the tools around it. In this…

    • Tue, Nov 19 2013
  • HTML5 Resource of the Day Round-up

    Having written quite a few of these HTML5 Resource of the Day posts, I figured it might be useful to have an aggregate post that listed all of them in the order they were published. I hope you find these helpful.

    HTML5 Resource of the Day List


    If you want to comment or reach…

    • Tue, Nov 12 2013
  • Ember.js Basics - What is Ember?

    According to the creators of the framework, Ember.js is “a framework for creating ambitious web applications”. What exactly do they mean? Also, with the many (, many, many) JavaScript frameworks that we have to choose from these days, why might I choose Ember? In this post, I’ll introduce Ember.js and some of the core concepts that backed its development. In future posts, I’ll dig in and show you how to build…

    • Thu, Nov 7 2013
  • Tulsa Tech Fest Recap

    I had the pleasure of speaking at Tulsa Tech Fest on October 11. This was a very interesting (and tiring…more on that later) event because it was the first time I have given a keynote. This trip also marked the first time I’ve been in Oklahoma where I wasn’t just passing through. I don’t have a lot

    First session: Creating Cross-Platform Mobile Apps Using C# with Xamarin

    While I do not have a dedicated slide deck for…

    • Tue, Oct 15 2013
  • Top 3 new features in iOS 7

    At approximately 10AM Pacific Time (1PM Eastern), Apple will pull the trigger on the iOS 7 update. Tons of apps have been updated (just check your updates right now, you’ll see) and those that haven’t will very soon stick out like a sore thumb on the new operating system. I know a lot of people who are not excited about iOS 7. For many, it’s because they don’t like the aesthetic changes. However, I feel like everyone…

    • Wed, Sep 18 2013
  • Future Friendly - HTML5 Resource of the Day

    Today’s HTML5 resource, Future Friendly is not directly about implementation details. This resource is more about thinking and the way we approach problems on the web as we move forward. The way we have done things in the past will not hold up in the future as standards and technology evolve and the “undersignums” (some of the luminaries in the web space, for sure) of Future Friendly advocate that we…

    • Tue, Sep 17 2013
  • EmberWatch, Ember.js resource aggregator - HTML5 Resource of the Day

    Today’s HTML5 resource is short and sweet, but incredibly helpful if you are trying to learn Ember.js. There are a ton of resources popping up almost daily and it can be hard to keep up with. That’s exactly what today’s resource, EmberWatch aims to help with.


    EmberWatch - Ember.js Resource Aggregation

    EmberWatch is an aggregation site for the JavaScript framework Ember.js. The categories of things EmberWatch…

    • Mon, Sep 16 2013
  • AngularJS Training (egghead.io) - HTML5 Resource of the Day

    If you are building HTML5 applications, at some point you may need to pick a client-side framework to help you structure your code. One of the most popular frameworks for web applications is AngularJS, an MVW framework created by Google. The framework is easy to get started with but can be notoriously difficult to learn as more concepts are introduced. Today’s HTML5 resource, egghead.io makes it easy to learn by…

    • Tue, Sep 3 2013
  • CSS-Tricks - HTML5 Resource of the Day

    It’s been a while since I have done one of these, but I’m back with another great HTML5 resource for you today. Today’s resource is CSS-Tricks. Although CSS-Tricks is primarily known for its namesake tips and tricks for doing cool things with CSS, the site offers many other things modern web developers might find useful. Read on to see what this site has to offer you.



    The snippets section of…

    • Mon, Aug 5 2013
  • Top 5 new WinJS features for Windows 8.1 developers

    Visual Studio 2013 Preview and Windows 8.1 come with a new version of WinJS: WinJS 2.0. With many of the most used applications (Skype, Mail, Windows Store, News, etc.) on Windows 8.1 using WinJS, Microsoft clearly has a need to keep moving the framework forward. Paul Gusmorino outlined Microsoft’s big picture for the improvements in WinJS 2.0 as follows: Built for speed, Even More UX Patterns, Greater flexibility to…

    • Mon, Jul 1 2013
  • Top 5 New XAML Features for Windows 8.1 Developers

    Last night I finally had the opportunity to watch some of the key sessions from day one at Build 2013. On day one I was working the Infragistics booth so I didn’t have the chance to see any of the many great sessions that day. One of the sessions I was most looking forward to was Tim Heuer’s What’s New in XAML. This session introduced the features that have been added to XAML for Windows Store developers…

    • Mon, Jul 1 2013
  • Thoughts on the Build 2013 Day 1 Keynote

    Day 1 of Build 2013 came and passed days ago now. Despite not having an attendee badge, I did pay quite a bit of attention to the keynote and the announcements that came with it. I think instead of doing a regurgitation of everything that happened, it might be more instructive to simply comment on the things that I found most relevant from the Day 1 keynote. I’ll do the same for the day two keynote. Here’s what you need…

    • Sat, Jun 29 2013
  • The best tip for using the Windows 8.1 Start button

    There’s been a lot of debate about whether or not the new Start button in Windows 8.1 is useful or not. Some people, including myself, have said that all they did was add pixels to draw attention to something you could already do in Windows 8.1 (click in the left corner to go to Start). These people, myself included, had not used or configured Windows 8.1 in a way that shows off how the new Start button functionality…

    • Sat, Jun 29 2013
  • Microsoft brings back the Start button in Windows 8.1

    Microsoft has added the Start button back in Windows 8.1. This was one of the most requested features for Windows 8 since the debut of the operating system. When coupled with another new feature, boot to desktop, users who are most productive in the desktop environment will be able to boot straight to the desktop and take advantage of the new Start button enhancements.


    New enhancements for Start button

    One other new…

    • Wed, Jun 26 2013
  • What to expect from Build 2013

    As I sit on my first plane en route to San Francisco, I can’t help but wonder what awaits me at the conference I am flying to attend. That conference, of course, is Microsoft’s developer conference, Build. Microsoft’s recent commercials, which I admittedly first saw one of last night, are referring to one experience on all screens. They’re referring to the desktop, tablet, and phone although that experience arguably carries…

    • Tue, Jun 25 2013
  • Media Queries - HTML5 Resource of the Day

    When getting started with responsive web design, it can often be helpful to look at some examples of what is possible. Creating a wonderful responsive site takes a bit of imagination and planning and it can be good to get some inspiration from the designs of other sites. The best place on the web that I have found for exploring this is Media Queries. It even has a clever URL! (mediaqueri.es). Let’s take a look at this…

    • Thu, Jun 20 2013
  • What to expect from the WWDC 2013 Keynote

    WWDC is Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference and it kicks off today with an always much anticipated keynote. The keynote event can be streamed online so tons of internet traffic will be pouring through Apple’s datacenter starting at 10AM Pacific. I thought it might be fun to summarize what I think we can expect to see in the keynote and see how much of it comes to pass and see what ends up being a surprise.

    iOS 7

    • Mon, Jun 10 2013
  • HTML5 Doctor - HTML5 Resource of the Day

    Today’s HTML5 resource is HTML5 Doctor. HTML5 Doctor is a wonderful resource for both learning HTML5 and referencing the elements of HTML that have changed in HTML5. This is definitely one of those sites you will want to have bookmarked if you are doing work with HTML5. Let’s look what’s available on this site and how it can help you.



    The HTML5 Doctor site has a ton of articles listed under…

    • Thu, Jun 6 2013
  • A Book Apart - HTML5 Resource of the Day

    Although I have written a lot recently about video training (since I know it works for me), I do acknowledge that there are plenty of people for which books are the best way to learn. Thankfully, there tons of great books available for people designing or learning to design websites. Today’s resource takes a look at one of the best set of books for web design, A Book Apart.

    A Book Apart - Brief books for people…

    • Wed, May 29 2013